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January 24, 2008



Great advice Felicia! Can you believe that April is right around the corner??? I can't!


I love this post! I've considered a booth at our local farmer's market at some point in the future. You have really gread advice. I look forward to your other posts too.


very useful post, thanks!! :-)

Amy Wagner

Thanks for stopping by!!! I have read your first page of your blog just now and I think you are greatly funny and talented too!
I will look forward to returning to read new and older posts and get to know you more!!

Yolanda Elizabet

Excellent advice Felicia. Loved the pic of your booth with all the lovely smiley fluffy sweater kitties!


Thanks for these tips! There are so many things I'd never think of, not having done anything more than custom orders and consigments (blech!). :-)


Great advice! Thanks for taking the time to write the articles.


Very, very interesting. I've never set up at a weekly market, and this was very informative. I'd be likely to do it now. Thanks!

Lisa M

What great advice! Thank you for sharing all of your info! I am planning on being in a weekly market this spring!


Great advice. Thank you so much for sharing. We are hoping to get involved with local farmers markets this spring! Your information was helpful!


Very good tips!

Chara Michele

What a great post! I am looking forward to part 2:)


Great post and sound advice. I'll be back tomorrow to read part two.


Cool article idea.. I'm interested in how your set up differs from the one I had when I was doing weekly markets in other states. I think that's the most interesting and fun thing about doing shows is learning from and watching how other vendors do things!
I took a supply deposit if it was something I wouldn't ordinarily make or thought would be hard to sell if a special order didn't pick up.


This was great! I'm sure I will be referring back to it. Thanks for writing this!


Dang. I wish you were going to be at our farmer's market. Ours is fairly small - and NO crafters yet. I must call the city about that.

Good luck with your stand. I think it's fabulous!


Oh you got it...it's important to listen to people, and then try things out. If things don't work for me in the shop, I can, with confidence then tell people why I do or don't do a specific thing...saving me the urge to jump across the counter and strangle the "know it alls"...oops! Tee-hee!!


Sounds like you are well on your way! Those things are definitely trial and error. When my volunteer group started selling crafts for fundraising, it took a couple years to figure what really works, range of price items, and marketing set up.
Good luck with your booth this year!! I can't wait to see how the new offerings will go over. I'm sure it will be fabulous.

m i c h e l l e

Very cool advice, Felicia. Thank you for taking the time to share. And those fuzzy wuzzy kitties are so cute! :-)


I wish I had the guts or gumption to set up a booth or have a shop :( But I will bookmark this advice, just in case :)


I really appreciate all of your wisdom on this as you are definately an experienced market person! You seem to understand marketing (hmmm... funny that the business term is the same) which is not so different from running a large company. I always say that everyone needs a business minor in school because we're all selling something, in some way!! Can't wait to read the second post!


Great tips! THANKS:)


Sound advice for success, Felicia. I'll be back to glean more of your knowledge from experience. Thanks!


What a great post! This is great advice, especially since I plan to sell at a local farmers market this spring. Thank you for visiting my blog, I'll be back to visit you soon!


Great article Felicia. I totally agree with all of it.

I too have added lower priced items. I try to take the customers' ideas to heart and I'm careful about orders.

Great stuff!


Great info. I might just try it !

Liz - made in lowell

This is great! I love all the points you bring up, and it's fun to read :)


Great advice. Thanks for the article!


Thanks for posting this piece about weekly markets*
Great advice and well written*
Very helpful!
enjoy the market

LoveMeKnot Creations

thanks Fluff for the advice and tips, great info on the free advice from your customers!


Thanks for the great advice!


Thanks for sharing. I have hopes of venturing out to outdoor markets this year. Your advice is certainly helpful.

Pop up tent

great post. I know for my first time, I didn't bring a table so I had to put everything on the ground. Big mistake. Now I know how important it is to have a table and if possible a canopy shade cover. I bought a portable one and make sure I have it with me, it's made a huge difference.

Judi Jamieson

Thanks soooo much for sharing. This is something I was considering doing.


This is great advice! I'm entering a craft show this fall and am looking on ways to improve my booth!

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